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Exciting news! I am creating a labyrinth in the backyard sanctuary of my office/studio. It is a work in progress, but please, feel free to meander it or linger there for a while listening to the fountain or watching birds, butterflies or clouds. I want us to be able to walk barefoot on the path and feel the earth beneath our feet, so it will be planted with stepable ground coverings. Keeping your shoes on is also perfectly fine. The plants can tolerate heavy foot traffic. If your feet get muddy, please remove your shoes or wipe off your bare feet when you come inside.

Labyrinths are ancient universal patterns that offer an embodied means of meditation. They are a place to unwind, to slow down and listen, to shed layers of emotion or unravel problems. Walking a labyrinth can be calming, inspiring, contemplative or playful. They are a place for weaving new ideas into being. They are a place for becoming and belonging.

The labyrinth also serves as a metaphor for my approach to counseling. The soul is in the center, surrounded by life experiences. Going inward, we explore the terrain of life, layer by layer. In the center, we come to the truest part of ourselves, our essence, and we pause there to take it all in. As we weave our way out, we integrate new growth, awareness, wisdom and possibilities, so that we emerge whole and renewed.

The day after I raked and swept this labyrinth into being, I randomly drew "Spirals of Manifestation" from the Sacred Rebels Oracle cards by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Autumn Skye Morrison. The message for me: I am on the right path. It is non-linear, indirect, slow, unique, beautiful and perpetually creative!

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