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2020 Vision

Not long after we had ushered in the new decade and set our intentions for the year ahead, the world changed. The coronavirus pandemic quickly spread to thousands upon thousands of people in countries all over the world. Everything came to a screeching halt. Then silence. We went inside and stayed inside. This palpable stillness has given us the opportunity to capture life more fully and see everything more clearly. We see ourselves as if looking through a giant telescope; the whole picture; the whole planet; all the sacred places in the world; all the creatures; all the people; our past, present and future trajectories. At the same time, we see ourselves as if looking through a microscope; way inside all our layers; all the parts we had been able to avoid as we rushed off to one thing or another. We see inside our relationships, and we see what needs to be mended and tended. We see our past, present and future trajectories. From both perspectives, we see things that make us cry and things that are embarrassing at best. We see things that make us laugh and things that fill our hearts with joy (all those memes floating around!). We miss movement, going places, and being with other people, face to face. The alternative source of zooming in to see each other on a 2D screen suffices, but leaves us feeling flat and empty. We are designed by connection for connection. Our interconnectedness is not an illusion. It is amplified by the internet, but it has been here all along, and it is infinite. We cannot unsee things. Only a magician can really make things disappear. We are seeing quite clearly that every single thing we do has an effect on something or someone else. We cannot look away or close our eyes and fall back to sleep, because 2020 vision is a wake-up call. It is time to open our eyes and start a new day.

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